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Ubud has an incredible variety of places to eat. Those on a budget can find the local warungs, although they’re fast being replaced by more upscale eateries.

Today Ubud offers a choice ranging from American hamburgers and steaks (although McDonald’s did not succeed in getting a license here), country-style Japanese, and sophisticated Italian pastas all the way to haute cuisine with worldwide acclaim. A few restaurants stand heads and shoulders above the crowd for the quality and the originality of their food. Please search here for restaurants serving your favorite cuisine or just by name or that part of the name you know for sure.
The phone numbers and contact information listed below is currently accurate. Because numbers can change, please check with our management .

~ Manami, Japanese Restaurant – Sanggingan, Ubud – Tel. +62 361 970013
~ The Bridges, French Restaurants – Jl. Campuhan, Ubud – Tel. +62 361 970095
~ Mozaic, fine dining – Sanggingan, Ubud – Tel. 975786
~ Arys – Ubud – Tel. 975053
~ Lamak – Ubud – Tel. 974668
~ Terrazzo – Ubud – Tel. 978941
~ Coffee and Silver – Ubud – Tel. 975354
~ Tutmuk – Ubud – Tel. 975754
~ Casa Luna Café – Ubud – Tel. 977409
~ Batan Waru – Ubud – Tel. 977528
~ Naughty Nuris – Ubud – Tel. 977547
~ Indus, Sanggingan – Ubud – Tel. 977684
~ Ryoshi, Japanese – Ubud – Tel. 972192
~ Jazz Café – Ubud – Tel. 976594
~ Como Shambala, Four Seasons Sayan, Bali Adventure Rafting Facilities with Japanese Restaurant, Spa & Deli
~ Ubud Hanging Gardens – Bedur – Tel. 982700
~ Warung Enek, funky Indonesian – Ubud – Tel. 972911
~ Pizza Bagus, They deliver! – Ubud – Tel. 978520
~ Also have an Organic market on Saturday’s Made’s Warung, Mas. Tel.751923


Restaurant guide in Ubud 

CAFE LOTUS  has been an institution for many years. Located in the center of Ubud between the main street and a large, beautiful lotus pond in front of a temple (designed by the famous artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad) this pleasant open-air restaurant serves a variety of Italian pasta dishes, some Asian and local specialties such as the Balinese duck `Bebek Betutu`, and a good choice of cakes and fruit juices. Although the prices here are quite steep for Ubud standards, CAFE LOTUS is busy the whole day.

Nearly across the road is CASA LUNA offering a number of Balinese and Mediterranean dishes , which look very interesting on the menu but can be a bit disappointing. Also a branch of the well-known RYOSHI serving good Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura until midnight at rather low prices.


MURNI`S WARUNG,  located next to the    Campuan Bridge   is another of Ubud`s institutions. Built on several levels between the road and the river, this is an excellent place to try the `Bebek Betutu` (order one day in advance to be sure) and other local specialties.


The more elegant  BRIDGE CAFE  cascades also down over several levels – right opposite on the other side of the river – and offers creative `Pacific Rim` cuisine i.e. tasty culinary creations with influences from Thailand, India, China and Japan as well as local specialties, salads and vegetarian dishes. Try the Szechuan Pancakes filled with deep fried duck, the Thai Chicken Pizza, or the Chilly Prawns. Here you will find very pleasant atmosphere and good service.


For many years rather popular is  DIRTY DUCK  or  BEBEK BENGIL  in Padang Tegal about one kilometer south of Ubud`s main street. Forget their special “Crispy Duck” which is very dry and sometimes rather tough. Their range of other Indonesian and Western dishes, however, is quite tasty, the garden setting very pleasant, and the live background music in the evenings creates a nearly magic atmosphere.


Another of Ubud favorites is  ARY`S WARUNG  , a stylish side-walk bistro in the center of town with creative oriental/international cuisine and a choice of interesting vegetarian dishes. The Tasting Menu for lunch includes four dishes for 150,000 or 190,000  Rupiah with one glass of wine, the Dinner Tasting Menu six dishes for 240,000 or 280,000 Rupiah with two glasses of wine, always plus tax & service. Expect delicacies such as Lobster Wonton, Tuna Parfait with caviar and Wasabi cream, Seared Sea Scallops, Sautéed Green Peppercorn Pate with green papaya salad, Carpaccio of Venison, Steamed Snapper with red chili butter, Jumbo River Prawns sautéed with chili, garlic and ginger, deboned Quail, Rack of Lamb with chili mint sauce, and Roasted Veal Cutlets with Wasabi butter. The desserts are equally creative; try the Durian Crème Brule! The wine list offers a good choice of Australian and French wines starting around 300,000 Rupiah, and the service is friendly AND professional.

On the way to Sayan between the  Campuan Hotel and the Pita Maha Resort is the  INDUS  Restaurant operated by the same owner as Casa Luna. Well-spaced tables on two levels offer a beautiful view over the Campuhan river valley, the service is very friendly, and they serve a wide range of health food. You can choose Italian pizza, ravioli and fettuccini, Middle Eastern mezze, Chinese spring rolls, Thai Thom Kha Kai soup, and Indonesian Nasi Campur, Gado Gado, and even a Balinese “Smoked Duck Feast” for only 120,000 Rupiah for two. There are many seafood and vegetarian dishes, various interesting fresh fruit juices such as apple with mint juice or carrot, spinach, parsley & celery juice (to clean your blood and for detoxification), lassi, herbal teas and special coffees. If all this sounds too healthy, there are also delicious sweets, a (disappointingly) small selection of wines, but an acceptable choice of cocktails.
Evenings you used to meet many foreign residents in  NAUGHTY NURI’S  Warung on the same road to Sayan. Boston-born Brian, Nuri`s husband,  buys fresh tuna every Thursday in Benoa,  and they serve on Thursday nights delicious tuna Sashimi, tuna steaks, and tuna satay. Daily fare includes various Indonesian dishes, steaks, lamb chops, and large slabs of ribs which are barbecued on a long charcoal grill in front of the place. But better go easy on their excellent Martinis – after a few of these you won’t mind the price of 65,000 R upiah per drink or the somewhat uncomfortable, often very smokey and extremely “local” surroundings, and the next day you might even not remember how you got home or where you’ve been the night before! However, recently they have started to accept reservations for busloads of Asian tourist, and many local expats are looking for other places to spend their time.


MOZAIC  opened in 2001 on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, the road from Campuan to Sayan, and is run by Franco-American Chef Chris Salans (ex Thomas Keller`s French Laundry in Napa valley). It offers very pleasant out-door and in-door seating, excellent service and attractive presentation of Chris` creative cuisine. The menu changes daily and depends on the availability of fresh ingredients. You can choose one of the Chef’s Tasting Menus: Each consists of six courses and there are three choices: the “Classic” Menu Degustation, a “Vegetarian” or an “Experimental” version offering delicious surprises with every single course. The Tasting Menus are equally priced and at 550,000 Rupiah per person (895,000 Rupiah++ including matching wines) a real bargain. If you prefer to bring your own wine, they charge 75,000 Rupiah++ corkage per bottle. On the well-chosen wine list you find 16 open wines, and bottles start around 350,000 Rupiah++. We always enjoy the truly outstanding food – probably the best you can find in Indonesia. (MOZAIC is one of only two restaurants in South East Asia to be recognized by “Grande Tables du Monde” – the second is  LE NORMANDIE  on top of the old wing of Bangkok’s legendary Mandarin Oriental Hotel – and has also received the “Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator for its wine cellar.) A meal at MOZAIC is a fine dining experience you won’t forget; don’t miss it! The restaurant is closed on Mondays, all other days reservations are required. Please call 975768.

For total culinary indulgence together with your family, a group of gourmets or special friends, book the Private Chef’s Table @ MOZAIC. Chris Salans prepares and serves a Tasting Menu of his Signature Dishes in the privacy of “The Workshop”, a separate venue at the back of the restaurant garden with an open state-of-the-art demo kitchen, a comfortable lounge and the elegant dining area accommodating up to 14 guests. Prices range from US$120++ to US$200++ per person, (depending on dishes selected and the accompanying wines) and include canapés with Champagne and/or Signature Cocktails before dinner.

An individually created Special Chef’s Table Tasting Menu prepared by Chris Salans, matching wines with each course and coffee or tea. The possibility of direct interaction between Chef Salans and the guests during the meal, as well as during the preparation of each course, can make this not only an unforgettable experience but also a very personalized cooking class for some or all of the participants! Eight guests (or a minimum spending of US$1,000) are required for the exclusive booking of “The Workshop”. During the day there are also various recreational and professional cooking classes offered teaching traditional as well as modern cutting-edge technologies for individuals and groups. Call 975768 for inquiries and bookings.


LAMAK  Restaurant & Bar is another of Ubud`s top eateries. It was opened in February 2002 and is located on Monkey Forest Road a bit south of the soccer field next to SAI SAI bar. The unique design is by Made Wijaya (Australian Michael White), and the restaurant is operated by the German Chef Roland Lickert. The tempting menus (different for lunch and dinner) include Asian, international and vegetarian dishes such as Seaweed Salad with Balinese Satay Lilit, various fried noodles with Spiced Szechuan Chicken, with Asian Greens and Glazed Tofu or with Black Bean Fish, Stir-fried Scallops on Green Tea Noodles and Bruschetta with Salmon Tartar. There is a great Shitake Mushroom Cappuccino soup and a unique Balinese Bouillabaisse, Escargots with delicious Cafe de Paris Butter or seared Foie Gras. For your main course you can choose Crispy Salmon, Balsamic Glazed Beef Steak, Quail Saltimbocca, Pancetta-wrapped Pork Fillet, Lamb Cutlets, Duck Breast with Red Pepper Pesto and Seafood Pasta. Delicious sweets include Orange & Ginger Crème Brule, Fried Forest Berry Ice Cream on Baileys Cream and a Chilled Pina Colada Soufflé. Too difficult to decide what to chose from their Asian Fusion cuisine? Just order the 5-course Tasting Menu for only 275,000 Rupiah++! Gourmets may be impressed, wine lovers will certainly be delighted: you can choose from 8 wines by the glass from 60,000 to 85,000 Rupiah and from nearly 50 bottled wines from France, Italy, Australia and California starting at 380,000 Rupiah . There is also a choice of Cuban cigars. The reasonable prices for food and wine help to relax in the open-air lounge and cocktail bar downstairs, in the upstairs dining area or in the air-conditioned section on the upper floor. LAMAK is open every day from 11:00 in the morning to 11:00 p.m. Roland runs also WARUNG ENAK in Pengosekan (south of Ubud) where he serves tasty specialties from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Lombok, Bali and other islands of Indonesia in pleasant surroundings and at reasonable prices.


Other restaurants recommended by foreign residents and recent visitors are  PESTO CAFE  , Jalan Raya Campuan, for tasty Indonesian dishes and international snacks at low prices,  TERRAZZO  , Jalan Suweta just North of the Royal Palace, and the  CINTA GRILL  on Monkey Forest Road for trendy fusion cuisine,  BATAN WARU  (Western and Indonesian Brasserie type food),  CAFE DES ARTISTES  , Jalan Bisma 9X, for Belgium cuisine and some Indonesian and Thai dishes at low prices,  GAJAH BIRU  for authentic Indian cuisine,  GAYA  for simple Italian dishes, located above the gallery with the same name in Sayan, the  KOKOKAN CLUB  in Pengosekan for tasty Thai dishes,  COFFEE & SILVER  on Jalan Monkey Forest for breakfast, brunch and all-day dining with tasty snacks, tapas and international mains and an interesting children`s menu,  INDIAN DELITES THREE MONKEYS KAMPUNG KAFE , and  TEPI SAWAH .



Bali has its own cuisine,  masakan  Bali. Balinese food consists or rice as a staple, often served with dishes made of pork, a variety of  sate  and vegetables, often mixed with chili. Two of the most famous items in Balinese cuisine are  lawar  and  babi guling  .

Lawar  is one of Bali’s most famous local dishes. Made from pig’s blood and spices, together with an assortment of other goodies,  lawar  can be found in every village in Bali. Balinese traditional spices such as  kunyit  , shrimp paste, salt and ground pepper,  galangal  and other roots; grated coconut, green beans, boiled young jackfruit and occasionally,  singkong  leaves, all chopped up and blended together.

Babi guling
Babi guling  is Bali’s most famous dish. Ask a Balinese person what their favorite food is and there is a good chance they’ll say “Bali guling”. Indonesia is a Muslim country, so pork isn’t celebrated as it is here in Bali. The Balinese however often keep pigs at home behind the house, feeding on food scraps, for that important time when they will be killed and eaten. The young suckling pig is used because of its tenderness, spit-roasted to perfection. Finding Bali Guling is a bit hard in tourist areas as it takes a while to prepare and is not really a dish most foreigners will ask for. As soon as you get away from the tourist scene in Kuta / Seminyak and head to Kerobokan, Mengwi, Ubud, or any other local place, the babi guling stands pop up.





Go to the surf school at Rip Curl. It’s great tuition for all ages! Tel. 735858. Eat at the Blue Ocean Café, good family food wine and music, also wireless Internet access   Tel. 7472308


Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua Beach Grill is fabulous for families, or singles, a safe beach for the kids, snorkeling, food, wine, music, beach service and a big car park. Tel. 7434779/081338203729 
You will need to bring your own snorkeling gear, you can buy them in Sanur at the dive shop’s.



For a nearby beach go to Sanur (a beach is called a Panti, pronounced – pant I), there are many cafés and restaurants on and off the beach. Try Café Batta Jimba  .



Water.Bom.Park. Big and small water slides for all the family, a kiddy park and Spa. Rent a “bale” (a thatched pavilion) for the day and have a whole day of family fun –  Tel.755676.


Clubs down South

Ku De Ta – Seminyak – Tel. 736969.

Hu’u Bar – Seminyak -Tel. 736443.

The Legian, sophisticated cocktail bar offers live jazz – Seminyak – Tel. 730622.

De Ja Vu –  Legian – Tel. 759636.

Bacio – Legian – Tel. 7424466.

Cat and Fiddle, live Irish bands –  Sanu – Tel. 282218.


Fashion and Style

Biasa – Seminyak – Tel. 730308.

Body & Soul (Teens) –  Seminyak – Tel. 767169.

Paul Ropp – Legian – Tel. 734208.

There are many clothing jewelers and home wares shops along Jl Oberoi and Jl Raya Legian through to Jl Raya Seminyak


For the Little Ones

Kiki’s Closet  – Seminyak

Kids.a.go.go. [QUERY: Is that accurate? All periods? Phone number?]

Bambini, Discovery Mall – Tel. 769751.

Malls in the Kuta area

Bali.Galeria, On the by-pass

Kuta.Galeria, Legian.

Discovery Mall, Kuta.

Big Kids, Little Kids Play Paintball, a three-hectare compound with three independently themed courses – The Bukit – Tel. 770300.



Rip Curl Surf School, great for the whole family – Legian – Tel. 735858.


Water Sports

Tanjung Benoa is full of water sport operators offering, snorkeling, wakeboarding, kite-surfing, wave running, knee boarding, fly fishing, a float bed that flies up in the air, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, power boats, banana boats, and glass bottom boats – Tel. 778090.


Tennis and Bowling

Lawn Tennis and Bowling Club – Nusa Dua –  Tel. 776241.

The Canggu Club has tennis, day or night; squash courts, 25-meter swimming pool,

sports field, gym, spa, restaurant, and bar – [City?] – Tel. 8446385.



Paraglide of the cliff, 80 meters above the beach

Exo-fly –  Timis Beach – Tel. 0811393919.


Ocean Rafting

Bali Hai Cruises, a thrilling cruise in a custom-built raft. Speed up to 70 kilometers, skimming and bouncing over the waves- [City] – Tel. 720331.



Bali Golf and Country Club, an 18-hole course by Rodney Wright and Robin Nelson – Nusa Dua –  Tel. 771791.

Bali Handara Kosoido Golf and Country Club – Bedugul –  Tel. 0362 22646.

Le Meridian Hotel – Tabanan – Tel. 0361 815900.



Try your hand at fishing for tuna.


Horseback Riding

Private Stables, professional handler will guide you through the rice fields –  Payangnan – Tel. 6281236 32984.


Turtle Release

Bumbu Bali, witness the turtle release program – Tanjung Benoa – Tel. 771256.



Scuba diving with Paul Vanschlagen – Amed (East Bali) – Tel. 0817478470/08123842410.

Bali Safari and Marine Park – Sanur – Tel. 8500000.


Balinese Temples

Visit the spectacular 11th century Balinese Temples in and around Ubud.



A Kecak Monkey dance is performed daily in and around Ubud. Ask our Management to assist you with any tours.



Call Tony for anything special you might need for your home from Indonesia. He has wonderful things and supplies most of the “better shops” in Bali. – Tel. 6281337222211  .



SOS International Medical Clinic  –   24hr –   Tel .  710505.

BIMC International Medical Centre  –  24hr –  Tel.   761263.

Dental:   Dr. J.R Widaya  –  Tel. 7421817/ 413947/ 081558029453 .

Chiropractic: Chiropractic Indonesia – Tel. 769004 .

Nurse:   Kim Patra, Australian qualified nurse and midwife –  Tel. 08123660000  .

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