The Architecture

A magnet for nature lovers and arty types, this Ubud Villa Retreat is a masterclass in stylish understatement with chilled-out charm. This is a mellow hangout offering beautiful, pristine mountain views; and the famous Ayung river and waterfall down below- situated in a tropical river valley.

First pavilion
Kitchen and service area Kitchen and service areas for staff includes a fully equipped modern kitchen and laundry facilities (washer).

Second pavilion
* Living room, dining room and library
* Upstairs guest bedroom and downstairs twin bedroom
* Luxury bathroom

Third Pavillion
Independent master suite with luxury bathroom. The independent master suite has spectacular views of the mountains and of the river, and is complete with a ceiling fan and a gas fireplace designed by Richard North Lewis. The bedroom has antique Chinese doors that open onto a furnished terrace for dining and relaxation,

Room and Suites within the setting of our residence
1) The Independent Master suite
2) The upstairs guest bedroom
3) Downstairs twin bedroom
4) The Eco friendly Bamboo House is located in the garden – it is very unique, and often the favorite for those more adventurous residents.

Feng Shui Principles
Puri Naga Toya was built with a strong emphasis on the design complying with important feng shui principles. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of design that takes into account the four elemental energies and the relationship to a home in order to create harmony, wealth and tranquility.
To this end Puri Naga Toya is designed in observation of feng shui principles:
Water in front of the house
Hills behind the house
House built atop the “dragon’s back” or on a gentle slope
According to the Chinese principles, water represents wellbeing, so to have water slowly flowing through Puri Naga Toya’s Chinois gardens is symbolically akin to health and prosperity flowing into your holiday.